Roast suckling pig with a star

The Brussels-based International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) is the number one organisation dedicated to sampling and evaluating superior tasting food products..

A prestigious jury, made up of chefs of recognised renown, examines different aspects of the product, such as aroma, flavour and first impressions. All of our products have been awarded a score of over 80%, a veritable guarantee of quality.

Year after year we continue to work on improving the quality of our products, a commitment to value designed to make your Tabladillo experience that much better.



In 2017, the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAPAMA) awarded Carnicas Tabladillo the Foods of Spain Prize in the internationalisation category in recognition of everything we have done to open up new markets with our brand’s star product, cochinillo – roast Segovia suckling pig. This recognition represents a massive boost to our search for new international outlets for our products

iTQi 2017

The Brussels-based International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi 2017) is the number one organisation dedicated to sampling and promoting superior tasting food products.
A prestigious jury judges different aspects of the product, such as its aroma, flavour and first impressions. AL HORNO Y PUNTO (JUST POP IN THE OVEN) achieved a score of over 90% in all of these categories.
In 2017 our AL HORNO Y PUNTO was awarded the maximum three stars, with a total score of 93.8 out of 100.


GREAT TASTE is the prestigious seal of quality that recognises the quality of foods and beverages from all over the world.
Known as the British food “Oscars”, Great Taste consists of an expert jury that samples every one of the products presented.
In 2017 three of our products were recognised and awarded prizes by this organization:
Al Horno y Punto won 2 stars and our whole roast suckling pig and roast suckling pig roll were each awarded one star.


DLG is an extremely prestigious award in Germany, a country that farms suckling pigs and therefore a very demanding market for Tabladillo.

This recognition could, without doubt, end up by opening new doors for us.

The process of awarding this prize consists of the panel of experts that makes up the jury, together with professionals from the category being analysed, carrying out exhaustive sensorial analysis that evaluates all of the product’s organoleptic characteristics: its appearance, aroma, flavour and texture.

Food safety, which is one of Tabladillo’s strong points, is another of the aspects evaluated by the jury. We are in possession of certifications such as IFS and employ professionals who specialise in food quality, traceability, hygiene and safety.