Cochinillo is a delicious bite from Roman times. In Tabladillo we are producers and, therefore, guarantee the origin, breeding and feeding of our animals. We are a family business, with over 50 years of experience, we care about keeping to tradition, but also about innovating and always go one step further; therefore, we deal with the entire process with great care and enthusiasm. “La Quinta de Tabladillo” is our latest dream come true. Enjoy it with us!

Roast suckling pig, whoever you are.

Because we are all too aware that times change and that good food is your passion, 45 minutes will be all you need to be able to enjoy an authentic Segovia-style cochinillo roast suckling pig in the comfort of your own home. A variety of styles to suit everybody.

Groups of friends, family reunions, a romantic dinner for two or simply on your own, any excuse and time is good for La Quinta de Tabladillo.

Suckling pig, as it always was and always should be

In our “unreal” age, La Quinta de Tabladillo offers you an authentic, healthy way to go back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen, a place where haste was not synonymous with quality and where hour after hour of slow cooking fed and nourished the soul.

Now, Tabladillo is stepping up to fill your grandmother’s shoes and cook for you for hours on end so that you can bring an authentic and traditional suckling pig to your table, roasted as it always was and always should be. With no fancy seasonings or spices that might mask its flavour. Just suckling pig and salt.

“Javier Estévez“
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“Cuisine is an exciting world, but it is also tough, because advancing depends on you, your sensitivity and your ability to work. It is a responsibility, and at the same time a delight, for others to understand and enjoy your work, but sometimes you have to enjoy the fruits of other people’s labour, too.

So, who’s going to cut it with the plate? (Laughter)

La quinta de Tabladillo, the pleasure of things done well.

Suckling pig as it should be.”

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